See symptoms below and select your remedies.


Influenza with restlessness with high fever which comes on abruptly with sore throat. Often accompanied with feeling of great apprehension and fear. Caused by sudden infection and exposure to dry cold windy weather. Can be brought on by emotional shock or fright. Better for fresh air and worse in warm rooms

Aconite 30c


Influenza with high fever and flushed red face, sore throat, wide eyes and possible confusion. Caused from infection or getting the head wet. Better for warmth and being upright and worse for noise, light and sitting in the sun, comes on in the night often. Young children often get this kind of fever and can complain of seeing fearful things in the room

Belladonna 30c


Influenza with chills and weakness. Lack of thirst despite the fever. Sore throat and chills run up and down the spine. Bursting headache which is often aided by urination. Fatigue and great weakness. Better for fresh air and urination. Worse in the sun. Worse early morning and night

Gelsemium Sempervirens 30c


Influenza with a throbbing severe headache. Violent headache made worse with coughing or moving the eyes. There is a great thirst present and patient is irritable. Better for cool surroundings and sleep. Worse for noise, touch, movement and bright light

Bryonia Alba 30c