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Welcome to Homeopathy SA

by | Jul 13 2021 | About Us | 0 comments

My introduction to homeopathy was an interesting road.  Living in Ireland at the time I became friends with a lady homeopath.  As she was totally committed to homeopathy she started advising me on which remedies to use for first aid conditions, culminating in her actually training me in first aid remedies.  This was the start of many hours of study in this, and other fields of natural healing. 

Feeling my way around the use of these new meds, I had a few reasons to believe in them.  One example that stands out in my memory, is a tale of injury to my knee on a spinning bike.

While exercising on a spinning bike one day I startled from a cell phone ringing and stopped pedalling instantly, obviously the pedals continued spinning furiously and the force of the pedal caused my knee to connect to the  handlebar.  Much pain ensued, and walking was difficult.  I was cursing the cell phone and my reaction to the fright.  Obviously this was in the early days of this new technology and I was still getting used to being interrupted by this new invasive technology.  So now my reaction is giving away my age!  

That night I was due to attend the first meeting of a new association I had joined.  The fact that I was struggling to walk was causing me to reconsider my attendance.  I thought I would try a homeopathic.  I picked two remedies which I thought were close to my symptoms, but was not sure which one would work. The two remedies were Rhus tox and Ruta.  Murphys law I tried Rhus tox first and there was no noticeable change to the pain, I then waited fifteen minutes and decided to try Ruta.  Within 10 minutes I was walking around and feeling quite astounded at the reaction I was experiencing.  This was a pivotal moment for me as I went from thinking this stuff is ok to a wow reaction.   

My use of homeopathy has continued with much excitement, and success, even using it on my 6 beautiful cats and 2 loving dogs.


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