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Calendula (Marigold)

by | Jul 13 2021 | Remedies | 0 comments

The beautiful gold pincushiony look of CALENDULA, commonly known as marigold has the very official sounding name Calendula officinalis.  A very grand name for this ancient plant which has proved its medicinal worth over centuries.  

The binary name, officinalis, refers to the plant’s medicinal use—the officina was the traditional storeroom of a monastery where herbs and medicines were stored.

It is deservedly a special medicine which everyone who is interested in herbs should have in their medicine chest.   One 12th century herbalist recommended simply gazing at the flowers to improve eyesight and lighten the spirit!  Maybe we do not spend enough time, just gazing upon these plant wonders that share this world with us.

We include it in this homeopathy site as it is used as a herbal tincture to swab skin injuries cuts and abrasions and is known to help staunch bleeding and aid in prevention of infection.   Soothing is the keyword for this remedy.      

We recommend warming the liquid calendula and applying as a compress to painful wounds to aid with pain relief, at the same time you may dose internally with CALENDULA 6C.  It can be used as a gargle – 15 drops in warm water for sore throats and dental extractions.   

It is definitely one for the medicine chest.


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